Meirong Xu, M.S.

Director Pharmacology

Ms. Xu has over 25 years of experience in cancer research, drug discovery and development in both the biotech and pharmaceutical setting. She is the Director of Pharmacology at Riva Therapeutics. Previously, she worked at Entos, Turning Point Therapeutics, Pfizer (19 years), and Dupont Pharmaceuticals. She has extensive experience in biochemical and cellular assay development, high throughput screening, MOA studies, and assay automation. She has managed multiple global CROs for over 12 years to develop and transfer assays and enable high quality data to support SAR. She has contributed to the development of the FDA approved drug Ibrance, 7 drug INDs, and 4 drugs currently in clinical trials. She has broad oncology knowledge in clinical medicine, toxicology, pharmacology, and biochemistry with 27 top-tier publications.

Ms. Xu is a trained medical doctor from China and has two M.S. degrees in Pathophysiology from Wuhan University and Food Science from University of Hawaii.